Macro Toolworks 9.3.0, www.macrotoolworks.com

The Macro Toolworks allows user to create "macros" to simplify, speed up, and remove errors in repetitive tasks (such as typing the same phrases, copying/deleting files, downloading files, etc.).  The Macro Toolworks allows user to create and use at once multiple macro files that are represented as tabs in the main window (see below). Macros in each macro file are organized in macro groups that have a tree structure. Each macro group can contain multiple macros. Macros from the selected group are showing in the list. The macro selected in the list is displayed in the macro editing are (bottom-right area of the main window) where user can edit its content and properties.


The main window of the program looks like this:


1   - Tabs that represent macro files open.

1a - Click to close macro file represented by currently selected tab.

2   - Tree structure of  macro groups.

3   - List of macros from the currently select macro group.

4   - Macro editing area.


After the Macro Toolworks is installed, the program group is created in the Start menu. To start the Macro Toolworks just click it’s item in the Start menu. There is a program icon showing in the Task bar tray area when program is running. Clicking on the icon will show/hide the program’s main window (as shown on the figure above), right-click on the tray icon shows a menu with basic options. When the program is exited (from tray icon menu or when shutting down Windows) it remembers if the main window was showing or hidden and starts it in the same state next time.