What is new in Macro Toolworks

Version 9.4.6 - December 7, 2022

  1. Text shortcut reliability improvement.
  2. Fixed: "wait for image" command works on multiple monitors.
  3. Fixed: Macros started externally are queued and run in sequence (one by other).
  4. Significant performance improvement of loop commands.

Version 9.4.5 - August 25, 2022

  1. Fixed: <me_macroenable> command properly enables/disables macro triggers.
  2. Fixed: <msg> command does not select the message text.
  3. Fixed: Macros started by a trigger or another macro are run in sequence (one by other).
  4. _vCurrTime_Default system variable was added to provide the current time in the Windows user default format.
  5. <time> command uses the Windows user default format if no formatting is specified.
  6. Fixed: "On error" behavior settings were not copied on macro copy/paste operation.  
  7. Fixed: Macro text insertion using clipboard was fixed to work in terminals and legacy software.
  8. Fixed: Single key extended hot key such as '1' or 'a' is not printed when it is hit as part of an extended hotkey.

Version 9.4.4 - May 20, 2022

  1. Fix of a macro execution order problem for macros that consists of macro menu, run command, etc.
  2. Fix of a problem with text shortcut trigger containing uppercase characters.  

Version 9.4.3 - May 3, 2022

  1. It was added a new system variable "_vAsAdmin" indicating whether the program was started "as admin" or not.
  2. There is a fix for the anomaly causing a new macro file was not saved for the first attempt.
  3. Free Macro Player program settings fix.
  4. There was fixed a problem with checking for a new version.
  5. Problem with multiple monitor system variables was fixed.  

Version 9.4.0 - February 20, 2021

  1. Clipboard related functions and commands performance and reliability improvements.
  2. Fixed a problem causing the program to freeze when a macro file tab was closed.
  3. Fixed a problem causing the program to freeze when activating main window. 
  4. <actapp> and <actwin> commands reliability improvements.
  5. Floating macro toolbars attached to an active window are now alphabetically ordered based on their macro group.
  6. A few smaller improvements and fixes.

Version 9.3.2 - December 18, 2020

  1. If macro triggers collide (start macro at the same time) all the triggered macros are queued and run one by other.
  2. Mouse click trigger fixes. 
  3. Fixed a problem when a hotkey control key remained in "down" state.
  4. Fixed a macro toolbar show/hide problem for a scoped macros.

Version 9.3.1 - November 30, 2020

  1. Macros can be started quickly in a row. For example, hitting a hot-key quickly several times in a row will cause macro will run several times without a delay between them.  
  2. Fixed a problem with copy/paste text in macro editor.
  3. Fixed a problem when clicking a macro toolbar in some cases crashed the program. 

Version 9.3.0 - November 22, 2020

  1.  Added commands to read/write database using ODBC. The commands allow to use database data within macros.
  2.  <mm> mouse move command was extended for a time parameter that allows to simulate a smooth mouse move.
  3. Added command <ctrl_down>, <ctrl_up>, <alt_down>, <alt_up>,... The commands are used in macro recorder. The commands make macro easier to read.
  4. Playback speed fixes.
  5. Several stability fixes.
  6. Many macro toolbars fixes and improvements.
  7. Forms ( <form_item> command ) now return also an index of the item selected in combo box.
  8. Several hint window fixes.
  9. Large macros speed improvements.
  10. Several user interface improvements.
  11. Excel close command fix.
  12. Macro recorder was improved to better keep track on windows the macro is played back in.
  13. Mouse wheel recording fixed.
  14. Several new folder related system variables (such as _vFolder_OneDrive, _vFolder_Downloads).
  15. Added an option (program settings) to better control text insertion through clipboard.
  16. Many other fixes and improvements.

Version 9.2.0 - September 5, 2020

  1. Limitation to number of clipboard macros and text macros was removed in Free Edition. 
  2. Added HTTP API that allows other programs to run macros and get and set variable values. [Professional edition only]
  3. Added an MtwProxy.exe that allows to run macros and get and set variable values. [Professional edition only]
  4. Added an Mtw.Proxy object that allows to run macros and get and set variable values from Windows Script Host. [Professional edition only]
  5. <waitfor> command was fixed not to automatically release control keys (Ctrl, Alt, etc.)
  6. Variables retrieval is faster.
  7. Clipboard operations reliability was improved.
  8. Fixes around keystrokes speed.
  9.  Recording of "Windows Key + something" (such as Win key + t) was fixed. 

Version 9.1.6 - July 21, 2020

  1. Added Arabic translation (thanks to lculator zaloom)
  2. Clipboard macro preview was fixed.
  3. Stability fixes.  

Version 9.1.5 - July 7, 2020

  1. Command list in "Add command" window was fixed.
  2. Text shortcut reliability was improved.
  3. Unwanted showing a window with macros in free edition was fixed.
  4. Keystrokes playback is faster in universal application. 
  5. Several other fixes and improvements. 

Version 9.1.4 - June 15, 2020

  1. Macros can be sorted ascendant and descendant. 
  2. Stability issue fixed.
  3. Steps are properly highlighted when debugging macro.

Version 9.1.3 - June 9, 2020

  1. Hot fix to issue introduced in 9.1.2 that caused the AES encrypted macro files were not open correctly in the Macro Toolworks.

Version 9.1.2 - June 7, 2020

  1. Support for Italian language was added.
  2. Fixed the ability to run macros within Macro Toolworks itself.
  3. Stability fixes.
  4. Clipboard history is newly by default disabled. Run this command to enable clipboard history tracking: <varset>("%_vClpTextHistoryEnable%=YES","").
  5. Fixed <cmds> command that in some cases let the keystrokes to escape.
  6. Fixed <script_js> command.
  7. Improved <data_load> command to read also UTF-16 text files.
  8. Added "CAN_READ" and "CAN_WRITE" options to the <waitfor>(..."FILE"...) command.
  9. Fixed <waitfor>(..."FILE", "CHANGED"...).
  10. Fixed <email_smtp_sendmail>("smtp.gmail.com",...) command that stopped working with gmail.
  11. Improved behavior of the text shortcuts that ends with #.

Version 9.1.1 - May 15, 2020

  1. Fixed a problem when text only general macro that contains multiple lines of text was pasted in multiple steps causing the text was inserted slowly and not reliably.
  2. Macro file - if it is changed - is saved before a macro is executed.
  3. Fixed the problem that caused the recorded macro was not possible to append to the end of the existing macro.
  4. Fixed the problem when installer in some cases did not finish update installation.
  5. Fixed the problem when export to HTML format was crashing the program     
  6. Fixed a problem with two embedded <for> commands.
  7. Fixed the problem that caused the "Start on Windows startup"option did not work.
  8. Several other fixes. 

Version 9.1.0 - April 14, 2020

  1. Variables for text replacement now can be used directly within the general macro text (such as "This is macro text and %var1% variable is expanded directly."). Previously it was necessary to use <varout> command.
  2. The macro text now can also contain expressions (for example, "In macros you can calculate that 1 + 1 is equal to %EXPR(1+1)%").  
  3. Support for Spanish and Portuguese languages was added.
  4. Added <actapp> command to activate (bring to the front) an application.
  5. Added <text_parse> command to parse text based on a provided pattern.
  6. Added <file_shortcut> command to create a shortcut file (.lnk).
  7. <date> command was enhanced by adding additional date parameter. The command now can be used to format date/time other than the current one.
  8. <if_file> command was fixed to properly work even if the file is used by other process.
  9. Fixed macro execution when "lock keyboard and mouse..." option is checked.
  10. Fixed a problem when macro file opening failed due to too long macro scope definitions.
  11. Macro file loading was speed up.
  12. Installer was improved and made smaller.
  13. Multiple generate .exe can be now run simultaneously (they all open in one FreeMacroPlayer window).
  14. Added system variables for battery status (_vPowerBatteryLifePercent and _vPowerBatteryLifeSeconds) and default formatting for current date (_vCurrDate_DefaultShort and _vCurrDate_DefaultLong).
  15. Fixed a problem that caused that some characters in macro files from previous versions (8 and older) were replaced by wrong characters when the macro file was open in version 9.
  16. Fixed a problem that caused that it was not possible to open the main program window on the screen.

Version 9.0.8 - March 2, 2020

  1. Fixed a problem when on some circumstances macro playback target window was loosing focus.
  2. Checking for a new version is faster.
  3. Reliability improvements.

Version 9.0.7 - February 17, 2020

  1. Lines in Steps view are more condensed so that more commands can fit to the macro content area.
  2. Font (type, size) for macro content and macro list can be selected in macro group properties in "Font" tab.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused that Enter key was executed twice when playing back <ctrl><enter><cterl> sequence.
  4. Fixed the <for> (REPEAT) command that did not work properly in procedure recursive calls.
  5. Fixed text replacement in macro content thta now properly supports wildcards and regex.
  6. Text replacement in macro content was extended so that <ent__> can be used to replace new line.
  7. List of last used commands was increased to 30.
  8. Fixed the problem when in some situation macros did not start when clicking "run" icon.

Version 9.0.6 - February 2, 2020

  1. Added an option to keep "Add command" window always open in macro edit window:

    Just click "Keep open" option that was newly added to the bottom of the "Add command" window.
  2. <ini_file_write>, <ini_file_read>, and other file manipulation commands are now resistant to the sharing violation that occurs when two or more programs access the same file.
  3. Less mouse movements are recorded during macro recording in order to make the recorded macros smaller and easier to maintain.
  4. Some smaller fixes.

Version 9.0.5 - January 6, 2020

  1. It is possible to scroll up/down in the text shortcut hints window using Alt+Up/Down key combination.
  2. A message is shown if hot-key trigger cannot be assigned.
  3. Alt+Tab key combination is recorded in macro recorder.
  4. Fixed a problem when in Free edition a recorded macro contained unsupported commands.
  5. Improved text shortcut recognition so that @something text shortcut works OK with German keyboard layout.
  6. Text shortcut typo deleted using backspace key is working now.
  7. <e-mail_send> command is deprecated since the underlying API is not supported by new versions of Outlook.
  8. Hints window deadlock fixed.
  9. Several smaller fixes and changes.

Version 9.0.4 - December 1, 2019

  1. File paths (such as icon paths) can contain environment variables.
  2. <time> command now support custom time formatting.
  3. <date> command now support custom time formatting.
  4. Turkish language added.
  5. Fixed a problem when "improper parameter" message window was showing on the program startup in some cases.
  6. Added system variables for comma , and square brackets [].
  7. Several smaller fixes.

Version 9.0.3 - November 9, 2019

  1. Performance improvements (larger macros loads faster).
  2. Keystrokes are more reliable in universal applications. Playback speed can be adjusted in macro "Properties" tab by "Macro playback speed" option.
  3. Several fixes and improvements in macro recorder.
  4. Log file size is limited to max. 1MB (plus 1MB backup of old logs).
  5. Playback of <mm> and <wx> commands were fixed so that if playing the macro as fast as possible these commands do not slow down the playback.
  6. Middle mouse button trigger was fixed.
  7. The <varout> command was fixed. In certain situations it was inserting text in wrong order.
  8. Macro size limitation was removed.
  9. The <waitfor> command was fixed to properly wait for Visual Studio window.
  10. The <if_process> command supports wildcards now.
  11. The <if_file>(...CONTAINS...) command was fixed to properly work with Unicode text.
  12. A problem with text shortcuts ending with an upper case letter (such as MySCT) was fixed.
  13. Several other smaller fixes. 

Version 9.0.2 - October 10, 2019

  1. Fix of the anomaly that caused that <run> command did not replace all the occurrences of the replacement parameters.
  2. The program checks the macro file location and newly does not allow to save macro file to "Program Files" folder.
  3. Fix of the anomaly that caused that text shortcuts did not work in some programs (for example, MaxRecorder).
  4. Fix of the problem that caused that in some cases scrolling in the list of macros was slow.
  5. Fix of the problem that caused that a control key remained "pressed" after macro was started using a hot-key trigger.
  6. Fix of the anomaly that was in some cases causing that comments in the comments were removed.
  7. Fix of the anomaly that caused that macro recorder was always recording information about active window even if this option was not checked in the macro recorder wizard.
  8. Several other smaller fixes. 

Version 9.0.1 - September 27, 2019

  1. Window trigger fixed so that it properly reacts also to windows that are hidden/show.
  2. <mm> (mouse move) command performance issue was fixed.
  3. Scripts folder was moved to "documents" folder which fixes a problem when temporary script file could not be created.
  4. Keystrokes with Alt or other control keys such as <alt>f<alt> did not release the Alt key from pressed state on macros that use "through clipboard" playback option.
  5. Text clipboard history is only updated in case there was a user interaction (keyboard hit, mouse click) that caused the clipboard chnage. This fixes the performance problem in cases when other application is doing intensive copy/paste operations.
  6. Keystrokes reliability in Windows universal applications was improved.

Version 9.0.0 - July 29, 2019

  1. Text macro added. It allows to directly edit rich text (containing different fonts, colors, pictures, links, text formatting, etc.) and insert such text to other application when the macro is triggered (for example, when text shortcut or hot-key is used).
  2. Unicode is natively supported in the macros and in the application itself. Macros can now contain Unicode characters such as symbols or other non-ASCII (Latin) characters.
  3. The user interface was significantly improved (including support for 4K monitors).
  4. Help file was significantly improved.
  5. Many smaller improvements and additional options.
  6. Many fixes.

 Version 8.6.2 - September 25, 2018

  1. Improvement: Time scheduler for "repeat every X seconds/minutes/hours" was improved to allow numbers bigger than 60 seconds/60 minutes/24 hours". Now it is possible to schedule a macro that will start every 900 seconds.
  2. Improvement: The command <printer_setdefault> now requires the printer name parameter enclosed in quotes (such as <printer_setdefault>("Print to PDF")). This prevents the problems when the printer name contains brackets ().
  3. Fix: There was a problem with macros containing a key sequence that was used as a hotkey for other macro. Such sequence was not properly played back.

Version 8.6.1 - July 16, 2018

  1. Added new _vCursorPosX and _vCursorPosY system variables that contains position of the blinking edit text cursor.
  2. Fixed the problem when a text shortcut was not recognized after a mistype was corrected using back space.
  3. Fixed the installer to properly indicate the version installed (currently 8.6.1).
  4. Fixed the problem that in some cases caused macro recorded in Free edition was not properly played back.
  5. Fixed a problem with <if_str> command when finding sub-string (~= operand).  
  6. Help fixes (<if_str> and <if_num> commands).
  7. Some more minor fixes.

Version 8.6.0 - June 25, 2018

  1. Added an option to control the time delay when clipboard content is restored after the macro finished execution. The option allows to set the delay in milliseconds. This option is available in "Program Settings" on "More..." button.
  2. Added an option to fully control keystrokes cadence. The option allows to define a delay after a defined number of keystrokes is sent. This option makes it possible to slow down the keystrokes sending if the program is used to run macros on remote desktop. The option is available in "Program Settings".
  3. Added support for time & date in ISO format (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mi:ss) in macro commands. This format replaces the proprietary "_for_calc" format.
  4. Added an option (Pro only) to define what macro files to be loaded on the program startup.
  5. Improved macro text syntax checking. The macro that contains macro commands that are not supported in Free edition will not execute at all.
  6. <macromenu> command was improved by -2 parameter that cause the menu is placed in the center of foreground window or in the center of computer display.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused that it was possible to delete password protected macro group.
  8. Fixed a problem that caused menus in Adobe Animate did not work.
  9. <fileinfo> command was fixed to work with relative paths to files.
  10. Fixed a bug that caused macro file was not marked "dirty" when macro enable/disable menu command was used.
  11. Fixed a problem that caused clicking on the program tray icon did not do anything.
  12. Many smaller improvements and fixes. 

Version 8.5.0 - March 23, 2018

  1. Added support for French language (thanks Bruno!).
  2. It is possible to remove unwanted clipboard formats from clipboard macros (and make them smaller).
  3. Macro clipboard preview was improved.
  4. New command <clp_replace_text> was added. The command allows to replace portion of the text in clipboard. The command supports wildcards and regular expressions.
  5. It is newly possible to specify parameters for clipboard macros executed using <run> command. The parameters allow to replace text in the clipboard macro before the clipboard macro content is pasted in other application. Wildcards and regular expressions are supported.
  6. Macro file save operation was improved so that the previous macro file is preserved (it is located next to the macro file and has .prev extension).
  7. Text replace feature in the macro editor was improved by supporting wildcards and regular extensions. It is now possible to replace/remove also macro commands such as <wx>(431), <mm>(13,242), etc. that are produced during macro recording.
  8. If macro does not have name assigned then macro description (if set) or macro text is shown instead in macro menus (menus that are open when user is about to pick one macro to run from multiple).
  9. It is possible to use application global or system variable in the macro name.
  10. Added an option to start the program "as administartor". Some programs (Firefox, for example) do not cooperate with Perfect Keyboard and Macro Toolworks if they are not started "as administrator".
  11. Fixed a problem with searching for macro groups.
  12. Macro recorder was fixed to record real-time information also in case mouse movements are not recorded.
  13. Fixed the crashing of the program when macro trigger (text shortcut) was changed.
  14. Fixed the problem that the program did not properly scale based on the DPI settings (user changes text size in Windows Display Settings).
  15. The clipboard text history (system variables %_vClpText0%, %_vClpText1%, etc.) was fixed so that the history is only updated if the new clipboard content is text.
  16. There was fixed a problem when additional unexpected characters where inserted (when macro inserted text through clipboard or when <clppastetext> or <clpput> commands were used).
  17. Fixed a problem with entering some dead-key characters from international keyboards (US International, Portugese, etc.).
  18. Other minor fixes an changes.

Version 8.4.2 - February 5, 2018

  1. Fixed a problem with entering dead key characters for languages that have them (such as Spanish).
  2. Fixed a problem that caused the Windows to freeze for a short period of time (for example, when macro command was trying to open a file located on non-existing network location).
  3. Fixed a problem with hot-keys when multiple macro files are open in the software.
  4. Fixed the problem when Ctrl and/or Alt key remained "pressed" after user locks/unlocks Windows using Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  5. Fixed a bug when saving a new macro file for the first time.
  6. Fixed a problem when running .mcr files.
  7. Fixed a problem when users that do not have admin rights could not change "Start automatically" option in the program settings.

Version 8.4.1 - January 7, 2018

  1. Text shortcuts made more reliable in Windows 10 universal applications and Edge web pages.
  2. Fixed problem when macro recorder was recording keys that were actually not pressed.
  3. Fixed a bug in <filedel> command.
  4. Help file now shows in what program edition a particular command is available.
  5. Hints window fixes.
  6. Several other smaller changes and fixes.

Version 8.4.0 - December 1, 2017

  1. It is possible to right-click on macro file tab in the main window. The context menu allows to close the tab or to open the location where the macro file is located.
  2. The behavior of the "minimize" button in the main window upper right corner is changed so that the main window is just minimized to Task bar (not hidden to tray as in previous versions). Behavior of the "close" button remains unchanged - the main window is completely hidden to tray.
  3. Searching across macros (F3) was improved so that if the searched text is present in the macro text then the text found in the macro is highlighted.
  4. It is prevented that macros file of the same name cannot be open.
  5. Fix: When trying to start the program and it is already running then the main program window is shown on the screen.
  6. Fix: Alt+numpad numbers inserts correct character.
  7. Fix: If macro execution fails (for example when trying to open non existing file in <execappex> command) then it is guaranteed that main window is shown and the error message displayed so that the program does not stay "locked" and "hidden".
  8. Fix: Text shortcuts recognition and macro execution was improved in browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox).
  9. Fix: Mouse clicks are recorded correctly in Edge browser (in previous versions the click was recorded doubled).
  10. Fix: Macro execution in browsers was improved when macro text is inserted "as keystrokes".
  11. Several smaller fixes and stability improvements.

Version 8.3.8 - October 15, 2017

  1. Quick fix of a problem with hotkeys introduced in previous update.

Version 8.3.7 - October 7, 2017

  1. Fixed a problem when text shortcuts did not work in Edge browser.
  2. The program correctly notifies about available updates.
  3. Macro recorder fixes that include proper recording of hotkeys of other programs.
  4. Fixed the problem when hotkey triggers were active even if macro group was disabled.
  5. Fixed the problem when mouse triggers were active even if macro group was disabled.
  6. "Wait for image" macro command was fixed.
  7. The macro files are not marked as changed (by adding * next to the file name in tab) if a macro group in the tree is closed/open.
  8. Macro scope was fixed so that it properly detects changes of window title even in the case the window itself remains the same.
  9. Text shortcuts reliability improved (some users reported intermittent problems with expanding text shortcuts that start with character /).
  10. German translation fixes.
  11. Several additional small changes.

Version 8.3.6 - August 4, 2017

  1. Fixed a problem with saving macro file on Windows shut down.
  2. Capture image functionality was fixed in <waitfor> command.
  3. <excel_cell_get> command was fixed to properly handle time values.
  4. Keystrokes performance was improved.
  5. The hints window was fixed to properly delete part of the shortcut typed when macro is started using the hints window.

Version 8.3.5 - April 29, 2017

  1. It is possible to package additional files when generating an executable file. This feature allows to distribute icons, configuration or any other data needed in macros within the generated executable.
  2. Added a <data_crypt> command. The command allows to encrypt/decrypt a text input using AES 256-bit algorithm. This can be used to secure data macros work with.
  3. Password parameter was added to <data_load> and <data_save> command. This allows to encrypt textual data saved to a file using password and decrypt the data when data is load from file.
  4. Added a password protection to XML macro commands. This allows to store password encrypted data in XML file. 
  5. Added a password protection to <ini_file_read> and <ini_file_write> commands. This allows to save password protected data in .ini files.
  6. Text shortcuts did not work properly when switching among different applications. This was fixed.
  7. XML save macro command was fixed so that XML document can be now saved to other file ("save as" functionality).
  8. Fixed a bug when XML version node was duplicated in saved XML document.
  9. Fixed a bug when macro triggering by number key in <macromenu> command did not work in certain situations.
  10. Several fixes in help file.
  11. FreeMacroPlayer was opening the macro file twice (two file tabs). This was fixed.
  12. Several smaller fixes.

Version 8.3.1 - February 11, 2017

  1. Macros trigger faster.
  2. Auto-save feature was improved not to start saving data when macros are being edited.  
  3. A "do not delete expand key" option was removed.
  4. <run> command was fixed so that <cmds> command from calling macro does not apply to the macro started using <run> command. 
  5. "Wait" parameter was added to <run> command.
  6. "Wait" parameter was added to <extmacro> command.
  7. <recbinempty> command was fixed. 
  8. Several smaller fixes.

Version 8.3.0 - January 18, 2017

  1. Added an option to open new tab in Internet Explorer using a <wwwopen> command.
  2. Improved performance of macro text pasted through clipboard. 
  3. Fixed a problem in debugger when incorrect macro step was highlighted as executed.
  4. <var_oper>(APPEND) command was fixed.
  5. Fixed drag & drop of Windows desktop shortcuts that contain URLs.
  6. Fixed a problem of attaching macro toolbars in some applications (such as Command Prompt) in Windows 7.  
  7. Several smaller fixes.

Version 8.2.5 - December 13, 2016

  1. Added: A configuration window that allows to edit program settings for generated executable file. (Professional edition only)
  2. Added: Option to <clpsave> command to save clipboard content to .txt file (plain text is saved from clipboard) or to image files .bmp, .png, .jpg, .gif (image from clipboard is saved to file).
  3. Added: Option to <clpload> command to load to clipboard text from .txt file or to load to clipboard an image file from .bmp, .png, .jpg, .gif file.
  4. Added: <space> command that just inserts a space to text.
  5. Added: Mouse cursor position window. This feature was removed in version 8 but many user were missing it a lot. Now it is back available in "Tools/Show mouse cursor position" menu. 
  6. Fixed: Import from XML did not properly update the view.
  7. Fixed: Free Macro Player did not correctly handle <-include-> command.
  8. Fixed: Content of forms (<form_show> command) did not fit to window properly.
  9. Several smaller fixes.

Version 8.2.0 - October 3, 2016

  1. The program is installed to Program Files (x86) folder and macro files are located in user "Documents" folder. This change only applies to new fresh installations (the change has no effect to upgrades).
  2. Fixed a problem when text shortcuts did not work properly in some applications (for example Chrome) when expand key other than space bar was used.
  3. Added new <xml_findtext> command (Xml FIND TEXT) that allows to search in XML documents.
  4. If user does not have administration rights and the admin rights are needed then the Macro Toolworks shows a dialog box asking for admin rights. (For example, when changing "Start on the Windows startup" option.)
  5. Syntax auto complete did not work when multiple macro files were open. Fixed now.
  6. Leading and ending spaces are now automatically trimmed from text shortcuts.
  7. Extended key code (KC:___) is now properly shown in the Macro Toolworks window status bar.
  8. <waitfor> (WAIT FOR) and <if_key> (IF KEY) commands works with extended key codes (for example KC:4102).
  9. <xml_navigate> command was changed to take element handle as a parameter and navigate relative to the handle. This is a breaking change.
  10. Several smaller fixes.

Version 8.1.0 - July 18, 2016

  1. Added new <notify> command (Display NOTIFICATION) that allows to display notifications messages from macros.
  2. Added new command <winsvc> (WINDOWS SERVICE) to manipulate (start, stop) Windows Service from macro.
  3. Added new command <if_winsvc> (IF WINDOWS SERVICE) to determine the status of Windows Service within the macro.
  4. Added several new clipboard related system variables (_vClpSequenceNumber, _vClpText0, _vClpText1, _vClpText2,...,_vClpText9).
  5. Fixed a problem when a hint window was showing in Free edition of the software.
  6. The <varset> command (Variable SET) was modified to use "_OR_" delimiter instead of "|" when setting a list of possible values. This solves the conflict with Window Identification Path (WIP) that also uses "|" delimiter.
  7. The <display_findimage> command was fixed to properly work with different DPI settings on different monitors on multi-monitor systems. It is still needed that the image to search for is captured with the same DPI the monitor has.
  8. Window picker (available for example in <actwin> command editor when clicking on "..." button) now allows to pick both currently active window (the window that receives keyboard input) or the window pointed by mouse.
  9. A bug that caused in some cases that <wwwopen> command was showing a "busy" error window was fixed.
  10. Fixed the problem when running a macro (by expanding a text shortcut, for example) caused inserting the current clipboard content instead of macro content.
  11. Several smaller fixes.

Version 8.0.7 - May 08, 2016

  1. Alphabetical sorting of macro buttons in toolbars is now case insensitive.
  2. Fixed: Newly added macro is properly sorted in macro toolbar.
  3. Fixed: In some cases title bar was showing "unregistered" even if the program was properly registered.
  4. Changed: Mouse, date, and keyboard properties open from the program "Tools" menu now open Windows 10 settings.
  5. Fixed: Import of the macros from .txt file.
  6. Fixed: <-include-> command failed if there was other <-include-> command in comments section.

Version 8.0.6 - April 18, 2016

  1. <email> command is fixed.
  2. Macro group is automatically selected in the macro group tree when a macro is selected in the macro list (for example, when "Go to Last Executed Macro" is used).
  3. "Free macro text" editor is fixed by adding scroll-bars.
  4. Macro name and macro group hierarchy is displayed in the main window status bar.

Version 8.0.5 - April 3, 2016

  1. Added a command <regex_find> that allows to search in text using regular expressions. Can be used to find an arbitrary e-mail address, date, time, IP address, etc. in a text.
  2. Added clipboard trigger that can start a macro when content of the clipboard has changed or was deleted.
  3. Added an option to search in macro groups.
  4. Added an option "contains" or "not contains" text to <if_file> command.
  5. The <waitfor> command was extended by "wait for file is created/deleted" and "wait for folder is created/deleted".
  6. Minor UI improvements and fixes.


Version 8.0.0 - March 7, 2016



Version 8.0.0 Beta 5 - February 1, 2016

  1. Added Deutsch language.
  2. Added commands to parse CSV files (<csv_file_load> and <csv_get_record>).
  3. Added command to retrieve links from HTML page (<html_page_links>).
  4. Several fixes.


Version 8.0.0 Beta 4 - January 17, 2016

  1. Fixed a problem with macro toolbars resources leaking.
  2. Fixed a problem with old version file backup.
  3. Other smaller fixes.


Version 8.0.0 Beta 3 - January 12, 2016

  1. "_vMouseCursorShape" system variable added.
  2. Procedure command recursive call fixed.
  3. XML commands fixes.
  4. Download command fixed.
  5. Other smaller fixes.


Version 8.0.0 Beta 2 - January 4, 2016

  1. "File Convert HTML to XML" command added.
  2. Stability fixes.


Version 8.0.0 Beta 1 - December 27, 2015

  1. Multiple macro files can be open simultaneously in Macro Toolworks.
  2. Reworked macro editor with improved look & feel.
  3. New "Add command" window with commands filtering and categories.
  4. Macro commands help integrated to macro editor.
  5. Macro triggers editor reworked to easily add/remove/edit triggers.
  6. Multiple options how to handle errors that occur during macro execution.
  7. Improved macro toolbars.
  8. Simplified user interface.
  9. Option to generate an executable file (Professional edition only).
  10. Export/import from/to XML format.
  11. Several new commands (Excel manipulation, XML file manipulation, etc.).
  12. New help file.
  13. Optimized for Windows 10.
  14. Many bug fixes and smaller changes.


Version 7.6.9 - November 07, 2015

  1. Fixed: Macro text is passed twice during macro playback. The fix applies also to some commands (such as <clppastetext>).
  2. Fixed: Hot-keys declared as cleared (not used) were activated in Windows 10 in different situations. This caused that, for example, list of all macros was suddenly open.
  3. Fixed: Macros open in separate process caused that Windows context menus open were showing empty content.


Version 7.6.8 - March 14, 2015

  1. Fixed: Macro menu now prevents circular sub-menus.
  2. Fixed: Macro toolbars are properly positioned when enabled from disabled state.
  3. Minor fixes.


Version 7.6.7 - November 23, 2014

  1. Fixed: _vActiveWindow system variable returns just first character of currently active window.


Version 7.6.6 - November 10, 2014

  1. Fixed: Unique macro and macro group identifier is not changed on drag & drop operation.
  2. Fixed: Too long macro description caused macro file corruption.
  3. Fixed: <wwwopen> timed out on some web sites.
  4. Fixed: [Professional edition only] FreeMacroPlayer macro file always contained toolbars even if no toolbar was created in source macro file.
  5. Fixed: Idle time trigger fixed.
  6. Fixed: In some cases "Win" key was "hold down" after computer wake up.
  7. Fixed: .4tw macro file is properly associated with the Macro Toolworks program.
  8. Fixed: <macromenu> command did not handle defined sub-menus properly.
  9. Some small fixes.


Version 7.6.5 - April 4, 2014

  1. Fixed: If text is passed through clipboard during macro playback then the keystrokes sending speed option in macro configuration does not affect how quickly the macro text is "pasted" to the target application. In previous versions the "Slow" option for keystrokes sending speed caused also the paste was slow.
  2. Fixed: New lines (enter "characters") in macro group description field do not cause macro file corruption.
  3. Changed: The program is installed by default to user application data folder (instead of "Program Files").
  4. Fixed: Macro toolbars submenus creation is fixed. In previous version an attempt to create a submenu button was reverted to normal button.
  5. Fixed: When floating toolbar has an "auto-hide" set to "on" then it is not auto-hiding when there is a submenu opened from this toolbar. The toolbar auto-hides again after the submenu is closed.
  6. Several smaller fixes.


Version 7.6.4 - January 2, 2014

  1. Clipboard commands and operations are optimized to retrieve plain text faster.
  2. Smaller installation improvements.
  3. Macro toolbars cannot be moved by dragging a macro button.
  4. Added an option to turn off scope-based tabs switching on main macro toolbar.
  5. Shared macro buttons are showing in macro toolbars first then the private macro file macros.
  6. Stability improvements.
  7. Several smaller fixes.


Version 7.6.3 - August 18, 2013

  1. Fixed the problem with macro triggers that cause triggers were duplicated. This issue was introduced in version 7.6.2.
  2. Fixed the problem with <if> and <if_str> command that caused failure of the comparison of strings that contain single quote character (').


Version 7.6.2 - July 22, 2013

  1. Fixed the problem when <ct:...> commands did not output valid time/date numbers when international (such as French or German) keyboard was used and with "through clipboard" option selected.
  2. Fixed the problem with playback text macros "through clipboard" (and also clipboard macros) when MS Office clipboard collector is turned on
  3. Fixed the problem with multiple triggers assigned to the macro.


Version 7.6.1 - April 22, 2013

  1. Fixed a new bug when macro could not be selected from menu using a numeric key.
  2. Fixed the macro copy/paste problem when macro scope settings were not copied.
  3. "Glow" effect of the macro toolbar button text was removed. Button text color is now either black or white depending on the macro toolbar background color darkness.
  4. Additional minor fixes and changes.


Version 7.6.0 - April 13, 2013

  1. Added a "glow" effect to macro menus and toolbars so that text is always readable regardless of selected background color.
  2. When macro is moved from one macro group to other it still keeps the same macro Id.
  3. "How to insert macro text..." option was moved from "Macro Properties" tab to "Macro Text" tab.
  4. "Hint" window is showing under text cursor.
  5. Flying macro toolbars are only attaching to windows with title bar.
  6. If macro or macro group has defined "Macro Scope" then this is indicated by small overlay icon on the icon in macro list and macro groups tree.
  7. When macro is called using "RunMacro.exe" program then it properly follows all the macro and group setting (for example, disabled macro does not start).
  8. Default icon in the macro list now indicates how macro text is send to target application - either using clipboard or as a sequence of keystrokes.
  9. Additional minor UI improvements.
  10. Fixed the problem when a menu to select from multiple macro with the same trigger was not closing when no macro was selected.
  11. Fixed the problem with generating FreeMacroPlayer file (Professional edition only).
  12. Fixed the problem when text shortcuts containing numbers were not triggered when numbers were typed in numeric keyboard.
  13. Fixed the problem with highlighting macro command in editor when the command execution fails.
  14. Fixed <mouse_block> command.
  15. Fixed the problem with problem with macro scope definition "...NOT listed below".
  16. Fixed a problem with editing shared macros file.
  17. Fixed a "Buffer Overflow" vulnerability.
  18. Fixed the problem with macro recorder not overwriting selected macro.
  19. Stability improvements.


Version 7.5.5 - November 19, 2012

  1. It is now possible to assign hot key trigger that is the same as an hot key internally used (for example, Ctrl+D to add a new macro group).
  2. Fixed a problem when macro recorder was not recording mouse events.
  3. Fixed a problem when flying toolbars did not remember size changed by user.
  4. Auto-save feature was changed to only save file if the file was modified by the user.


Version 7.5.4 - October 12, 2012

  1. Several fixes on mouse triggers including "click", "hold", "mouse wheel forward/backward" triggers.
  2. Fixed a problem with <execappex> command that did not correctly handle file names containing spaces.
  3. Added an option "run hidden" to <execappex> command - this allows to start program, for examply command prompt, hidden.
  4. Improved launching macros from macro toolbar.
  5. Fixed problem with macro toolbar size persistency.
  6. Fixed a problem when macros ocassionaly caused MS Word to crash.
  7. Improved "paste through clipboard" option so that passing macro text using clipboard is faster and more reliable - sometimes it happend that instead of macro text the last text in clipboard was pasted.
  8. Improved reliability of "file" and "directory" triggers - all triggers fires properly does not matter if the file or directory was changed/created/deleted when other macro was running.
  9. Fixed a problem that caused "clipboard macro" data were on certain circumstances lost from macro file.
  10. Flying macro toolbars are improved so that they can now attach also to child windows title bar (were attaching only to main window title bar before).
  11. Logging functionality was extended so that more information - for exmaple macro trigger that started macro - is logged.
  12. Macro recorder was fixed to record macros more reliably. Especially options ("coordinates relative to active window" + "watch active window") that allow to record most reliable macros were significantly improved.
  13. <waitfor> and <if_win> commands were fixed to properly work with currently active window field that is receiving keyboard inut.
  14. All executables in the installation file are digitally signed now.


Version 7.5.3 - June 24, 2012

  1. Added multi-line edit field option to <form_item> command.
  2. Added a "from" field to <email_smtp_sendmail> command.
  3. Added "wait for web browser is loading" option to <waitfor> command. This option allows to wait until web browser finishes loading of a web page after a link is clicked.
  4. Fixed a problem when text shortcuts did not properly react in Excel, OneNote and perhaps other programs.
  5. Fixed a problem when folder/file triggers (run macro when new file is created, etc.) did not work with network shared folders (\\server\myfiles\).


Version 7.5.2 - May 14, 2012

  1. Fixed a newly introduced problem with macro hot-keys.
  2. Fixed a problem when multiple instances of the program could be started.
  3. Fixed a problem when macro syntax was false recognized as invalid.


Version 7.5.1 - May 04, 2012

  1. Fixed a problem that if program was locked using password this lock state was not persisted and the program was automatically unlocked after reboot.
  2. Added "confirm password" field to "lock mode" dialog.
  3. Improved new version notification window. It is possible to directly download new version or go to this page to read what is new first.
  4. Added  <CapsLock_ON>, <CapsLock_OFF>,  <NumLock_ON>, <NumLock_OFF>,<ScrollLock_ON> and <ScrollLock_OFF>,  commands (not in Free edition).
  5. Fixed a problem when Shift or other control keys remained in "pressed" state after macro was started using a hot-key.
  6. Fixed "run as a different user" option.
  7. Fixed a problem with .mcr files that sometimes did not start execution after double-clicking on them.
  8. Fixed <execappex> and <external_command> commands. When "wait for application exit" option was set the system hung up.
  9. Fixed macro import when import file was saved as "Unix" or "Mac" (has different end-of-line).
  10. Fixed a syntax error when a command last parameter was empty.



Version 7.5.0 - February 23, 2012


  1. Free edition with limited functionality is available.
  2. Time schedule trigger can wake up computer before macro is started. It is now possible to schedule macros that will be started also at the time when computer is in sleep or hibernate mode.
  3. It is not necessary to release control key to repeatedly start macro using hot key. If hot key is Ctrl+D then it is possible to just hit D key while keeping Ctrl key down.
  4. Standard Edition can run Basic Script scripts.
  5. Fixed a problem when macros running in Excel sometimes caused the Excel to crashed.
  6. Mouse buttons are not automatically released after macro is finished.
  7. Fixed a problem when extended hot keys sometimes reacted after too long time.
  8. Performance was improved, the program does not consume CPU when active windows are switched.
  9. HTML export improved and an option to export all macro attributes was added.
  10. Exit code added to <execappex> command.
  11. Fix: when copying scheduled macro the scheduling information are properly copied.
  12. "Folder" trigger now watches files also in subfolders
  13. Fix:  clipboard macros now works properly in Word 2010.
  14. Added support for mouse wheel, including macro recorder.
  15. Added support for keyboard connected/disconnected detection.
  16. <multimedia> command fixed to properly work on Windows 7 and Vista.
  17. Added "disable" menu item to folder and macro context menus. It is possible to enable/disable folders and macros by holdong "Alt" key and click.
  18. Fixed screensaver related commands.
  19. Added "double-click" command <m2click>.
  20. Added "square root" operation to <var_oper>(..., CALC_EXPRESSION, ...) command.
  21. Fixed a problem when window was not properly activated before macro was started.
  22. Fixed a problem with "File Save Operation Failed >>> OS reports error:....".
  23. Fixed a problem with indexing macro variable in arrays (when variable index is "01" or "02" instead of "1" or "2").
  24. Fixed <win_capture> window browse button to uses WIP.
  25. Fixed a problem with mouse triggers on dual screen computers
  26. Fixed a problem when the program sometimes did not start minimized to tray as defined in settings.
  27. Fixed program crash when opening an old version file.
  28. Only enabled macros show in macro toolbar as buttons.
  29. Fixed macro toolbars behavior on dual screen computers.
  30. "Hold mouse button" trigger fixed.
  31. Fixed a problem with expression evaluation.
  32. Fixed a problem when clipboard macros content was not loaded if macro file was "read only".
  33. Many other smaller changes and fixes...


Version 7.4.8 - February 7, 2011

  1. Added parameters to limit search area in <display_findimage> and <win_findimage> commands.
  2. Added wildcards (* and ?) support to windows identification path (WIP). A window identification in window manipulation commands (such as <actwin>) is more flexible now.
  3. Added "always on top" parameter to the <msg> command.
  4. Added "show OK and Cancel buttons" parameter to the <form_show> command. OK and Cancel button in user defined forms are now optional.
  5. Fix: Occasional hang ups in <shutdown> command (hybernate) fixed.
  6. Fix: Status bar in main window is properly updated.
  7. Fix: Macro toolbar submenus are properly drawn with user defined background color.
  8. Fix: Macro toolbars properly draw separators.
  9. Fix: "Ctrl+V" (and "Shift+Insert") clipboard paste function is properly handled in macros that playback text (for example, "This is in clipboard<ctrl>v<ctrl>Did you know that?").
  10. Fix: Registration info is not reset when user open "Help/Register" dialog box without entering correct registration info.
  11. Fix: "Follow case" feature is fixed for text shortcuts that do not begin by a letter (for example text shortcuts like ".a1" or "-sca").
  12. Fix: <if_str> command fixed so that strings can contain brackets.
  13. Fix: Windows browser button in <win_findimage> editor fixed.
  14. And more smaller fixes and changes...


Version 7.4.7 - July 7, 2010

Changes & fixes:

  1. Macro syntax checker fixes
  2. Macro named "_xSharedMacroFileNotFound" (if exists) is called when shared macros file cannot be loaded (does not exist). If this macro is called then the error message is not showing. The macro is intended to allow programatically handle the situations when shared macro file is not accessible (network server down, for example).
  3. Startup macros various fixes
  4. Problem with windows loosing keyboard focus before macro was started was fixed
  5. <clpput>("FILE:....") command fixed
  6. Hidden windows can be accessed by window manipulation commands
  7. Comments in externaly called macros fixed
  8. <if_process>, <process_kill>, <process_enum> commands fixed to work properly with 64-bit processes
  9. Fixed a problem when variable manipulated with a string containing bracket characters ( or )
  10. 20x slower macro playback added
  11. "_vMacroFileLoaded" can be used to programatically load other macro file
  12. Identify Windows version updated (Program correctly identifies Windows 7)


Version 7.4.6 - April 18, 2010

Changes & fixes:

  1. Installation program is now checking whether a Macro Toolworks family program is running.
  2. Fixed a problem with running VBA-like script (the bug introduced in 7.4.5).
  3. Improved speed of some keystrokes.
  4. Improved clipboard related commands.
  5. A few additional smaller fixes.


Version 7.4.5 - March 27, 2010

Changes & fixes:

  1. Significantly improved "send macro text through clipboard" feature. This feature can be now used also for macros containing macro commands without any limitation.
  2. New "How to send macro text to target application:" option added to settings dialog box. The user can select between "As keystrokes sequence" or "Using clipboard". This option is used as a default for each macro.
  3. <varout> command updated.
  4. "Macro Properties" tab was simplified by moving more advanced and rarely used options to a dialog box accessible using new "More" button.
  5. Link to web page with macro examples was added to "Macro Text" tab.
  6. <if...> command fixes.
  7. <winclose> command fixes.
  8. <var_oper>(...,CALC_EXPRESSION,...) command fixes.
  9. <email_smtp_sendmail> command extended with "port" and "SSL" attributes so that the command now can send e-mails using GMail SMTP server.
  10. Expressions evaluation fixes.
  11. New "_vSharedMacros_ReloadNow" system variable. <varset>("_vSharedMacros_ReloadNow=YES","") command causes the shared macro file is reloaded. Shared macro file reload now can be controlled programmatically using a macro.
  12. New "_vOpt_SharedMacros_Enable" system variable. <varset>("_vOpt_SharedMacros_Enable=YES","") command causes the shared macro file is enabled while <varset>("_vOpt_SharedMacros_Enable=NO","") command causes the shared macro file is disabled.
  13. New "_vOpt_SharedMacros_File" system variable to programmatically set shared macros file. <varset>("_vOpt_SharedMacros_File=c:\macroFiles\shared.4tw","") command causes the shared macro file is set to "c:\macroFiles\shared.4tw".
  14. <clpput> command enhanced so that it can put also file shortcut to the clipboard. Example: <clpput>("FILE:c:\temp\file.txt") command puts shortcut to "c:\temp\file.txt" file to clipboard so that the file then can be copied using Windows Explorer "Paste" menu command.
  15. Additional minor fixes.


Version 7.4.0 - December 2, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. <display_findimage> - it is possible to define multiple images to search for using wildcards (* and ?). Searching for multiple images on the screen is much faster then doing this by multiple <display_findimage> calls.
  2. <win_findimage> - the same improvement as <display_findimage> above.
  3. Added an option "Run as administrator" to the "Run macro in separate process" settings. This allows to run macro "as administrator" (with higher priority) on Vista and newer. The higher priority is necessary for certain operations Windows (the operations that were not restricted in XP and older - write to some registry locations, block keyboard and mouse, etc.).
  4. Macro search dialog remembers last searched term.
  5. Fixed a problem with starting program with parameters from network drive.
  6. Fixed a problem when program did not responded correctly if CPU was overloaded.
  7. Fixed a problem with entering characters with diacritic.
  8. Macro ToolsWorks was renamed to Macro Toolworks.
  9. A bug that caused scheduled macro were not started (a bug introduced in 7.3.8/7.3.9) was fixed.
  10. New web site www.MacroToolworks.com dedicated to Macro Toolworks family product was launched.
  11. More smaller fixes.

Version 7.3.9 - October 12, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. Fixed a problem with sending certain keystrokes on international keyboards.
  2. <clppastetext> - Fixed a problem with very large block of text.
  3. <clpload> - Fixed a problem when multiple <clpload> commands are called quickly. Is also faster now.
  4. <clpsave> - Fixed a problem when multiple <clpsave> commands are called quickly. Is also faster now.
  5. <clpempty> - Fixed a problem when multiple <clpload> commands are called quickly.
  6. Macro execution (when <cmds>) is faster
  7. <beep> - if parameter is "1" then the sound is played asynchronously, if it is "0" the sound is played synchronously.
  8. <display_getpixel> returns -1 if the coordinates are out of range.
  9. A bug that caused item was unexpectedly disabled when clicked was fixed.
  10. <display_findimage> - added exact/tolerant.
  11. <win_findimage> - added exact/tolerant.
  12. <waitfor> - added exact/tolerant to "wait for image".
  13. A problem with command line file parameter starting with server (such as "\\server1\macros\....") was fixed.
  14. Window trigger (open) fixed so that it reacts to multiple windows with the same title (WIP).
  15. Fixed a problem with activating different Excel files (Book1, Book2, etc.) using <actwin> command.
  16. "Paste to end" added to macro editor right-click menu.
  17. "Preserve clipboard content during macro execution" option added to Options / More...
  18. <form_additem> visual editor fixed.
  19. A bug causing the program consumed too much resources was fixed.
  20. Many additional smaller fixes and changes.

Version 7.3.8 - July 2nd, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. On some systems it was necessary to install new runtime libraries from Microsoft.  This is fixed in this version.
  2. Macros execution speed was improved.
  3. Changes in macros are saved automatically (not necessary to press OK button) when "Auto-save" feature is checked in main options dialog box.
  4. Significantly improved reliability of keystrokes sending when "as fast as possible" option is checked.
  5. "Lock keyboard and mouse while macro is running" was fixed.  On Vista systems this option works only if the program was started "As administrator".
  6. <display_findimage> macro command is much faster now.
  7. <win_findimage> macro command is much faster now.
  8. A problem with comment macro command (<#>) followed by a command (such as <#> <wx>(250)...) was fixed.
  9. <clppastetext> macro command is more reliable now.
  10. Other smaller changes and fixes...

Version 7.3.7 - June 8th, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. <var_oper>(..."CALC_EXPRESSION",..) command fixed.
  2. Sending keystrokes "as fast as possible" in Windows XP optimized so that internal Windows keyboard buffer does not get overflowed.
  3. Smaller UI improvements.
  4. Other small fixes.

Version 7.3.5 - June 1st, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. Window Identification Path (WIP) failed to correctly identify child windows. This was fixed.
  2. <download> command returns errors now.
  3. Macro syntax is checked automatically (optional).
  4. Macro syntax validation improved.
  5. UI improvements & fixes: Tooltips to main toolbar added, some better looking icons used....
  6. German language pack updated.
  7. In Vista, the program starts with user privileges, however, it can be also started with Admin privileges using "Start...AsAdmin.exe".
  8. New "_vKeybdFocusControl" and "_vKeybdFocusControl_HWND" system variables that contain a window control that is currently receiving keyboard input.
  9. Smaller macro recording fixes.
  10. Other small fixes.

Version 7.3.0 - May 6th, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. Password option added to <zip_createfile> macro command.
  2. Password option added to <zip_unzipfile> macro command.
  3. Password option added to <zip_create_sfx> macro command.
  4. Macro syntax checker was improved to recognize possibly mistyped commands.
  5. Macro toolbars behavior improved.
  6. Key shortcut trigger bug causing that on certain circumstances the shortcut did not trigger associated macro was fixed.
  7. Keystrokes sending was improved to be faster.
  8. A bug that caused a shortcut trigger was fired unexpectedly was fixed.
  9. By accident it was possible to start multiple instances of the program.  This was fixed.
  10. <www_fillform> command was improved to support bigger set of web forms.
  11. <wwwopen> command was fixed to correctly handle window size (minimize, normal, maximize) settings.
  12. Other small fixes.

Version 7.2.6 - February 5th, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. Fixed a problem with macro toolbars on multi-monitor systems.
  2. Fixed a bug in <actwin> command.
  3. A few more small fixes.

Version 7.2.5 - January 15th, 2009

Changes & fixes:

  1. Fixed a problem when Microsoft office clipboard caused problems to expanding macros with "through clipboard" option checked.
  2. Fixed: A wrong macro was executed when picked from a list/menu of macros with the same shortcut.
  3. Smaller installation program fixes.
  4. "Change multiple macros" was changed so that also text with multiple lines can be used.
  5. Alt+A hotkey can be used to activate "Commands and System Variables" window.
  6. "_vFileDate..." system variables fixed.
  7. Other smaller changes and fixes.

Version 7.2.0 - November 15th, 2008

Changes & fixes:

  1. German/Deutsch language added.
  2. Macro execution speed improved.
  3. Support for multiple monitors added: Multiple _vMonitor... system variables added.
  4. Key codes (KC:XXX) can be used in <waitfor> and <if_key> commands.  KC:XXX is showing in main window bottom right area when a key is hit - this is how user can get KC for particular key on keyboard.
  5. WIP (window identification path) fixes.
  6. F2 or click on macro in main window list enables edit macro name directly within the list.
  7. "Find image" commands behavior changed so that the commands do not fire an error when the image is not found.  The commands only return -1 instead of image position.
  8. <macromenu> command was fixed so that the menus correctly react to key shortcuts.
  9. <macromenu> changed so that items can be sorted either alphabetically or by user defined order.
  10. Some fixes in help file.
  11. Small import/export fix.
  12. <run_ctxcommand> now supports also network paths (\\server name\...).
  13. Hints window reworked.  It can be brought up using hot key even if it is disabled for automatic showing.
  14. Groups drag & drop enhanced so that if Ctrl key is held down a group can be moved as a child to other group.
  15. Enable/Disable trigger hot key.
  16. _vCurrTime_Second and _vCurrTime_Minute was changed so that always provide two digits numbers (01 instead of 1).
  17. If a macro execution is paused (by <pause> command or by user) the the execution can be exited directly in this pause state.
  18. <msg> command was enhanced so that it does not hide even if there are multiple subsequent macro calls using <run> command.
  19. Program crash a new macro creation was fixed.
  20. Extended hotkeys behavior improved.
  21. <exitmacro_soft> to exit just a subsequent macro called using <run> command was fixed.
  22. "Replace all" dialog box in macro editor fix.
  23. WIP (Window Identification Path) fixed so that also Window class and title starting with # can be used.
  24. Fixed  problems when macro is outputing data using clipboard.
  25. Many other smaller changes and fixes...

Version 7.1.1 - August 6th, 2008


  1. <macromenu> command fixes.
  2. Rare text shortcut expansion problem fixed.
  3. Some other minor fixes.

Version 7.1.0 - July 28th, 2008

New features & fixes:

  1. Multilanguage support.  In "Languages" subfolder there are .ini files (lang_components_XXX.lang.ini and lang_main_XXX.lang.ini) that contain all texts used in the program.  Making copy of the .ini files and translating the texts inside is all that is necessary to create new language pack.
  2. Added <display_captureimage> and <win_captureimage> commands that allow to capture computer screen or its defined part to a bitmap file.
  3. Items in <macromenu> menu are sorted alphabetically now.
  4. New parameters to <wwwopen> and <www_fillform> added so that the commands can use the same browser window (that can be close then using <winclose> command).
  5. Clipboard content is saved and restored when clipboard macro or macro with "Through clipboard" option is executed.
  6. New option that allows to show macro toolbar with auto-hide option turned on only if CTRL key is pressed.
  7. New window identification (called WIP - window identification path) is introduced.  The WIP allows much more precise window identification and thus adds greater reliability to windows manipulation commands.
  8. <fileinfo>command is extended so that it can return file name, file extension and file path.
  9. <filecopy> and <filemove> speed was improved.
  10. Added <me_macroprogress_show> and <me_macroprogress_hide> commands that allows to control presence of "macro progress" window from macro code.
  11. Macro progress window displays name of the macro running.
  12. It is possible to compare variable content with a key such as: <if>(varKey==<esc>) ...
  13. Import/Export fixed.
  14. Fix: In some occasions the program incorrectly recorded (multiply entered keys) and playback macros.
  15. Bug that caused that in some rare situations text shortcut was not recognized and was not expanded was fixed.
  16. Macro group drag&drop operation fixed.
  17. <dircopy> and <dirmove> commands are changed so that the source folder name is not added to the destination folder.
  18. <clp_copyselected> command editor fixed.
  19. Fixed a bug that crashed the program when a clipboard related operation failed.
  20. Fixed problems with "subfolder option" in <filecopy>, <filemove>, <filedel> commands.
  21. Fixed problems with DDE data exchange between Basic Script and main program.
  22. Fixed problem running Basic Script programs from FreeMacroPlayer.
  23. Fixed disabling/enabling triggers using hotkey.
  24. Fixed the problem when macro parameters were still kept internally in the program after macro execution was finished.
  25. Fixes in help file.
  26. Many other smaller changes and fixes...

Version 7.0.1 - March 7th, 2008

New features & fixes:

  1. <display_findimage> and <win_findimage> fixes. The commands are now tolerant to slight differences between the original and recognized images.
  2. Fixed: these commands did not provide correct results when used repeatedly: <ini_file_read>, <email_pop3_getlist>, <email_pop3_getmail>, <extcmd>.
  3. Help file fixes and updates.
  4. Keystrokes playback fixes.
  5. Robustness improvements.

Version 7.0.0 - 02/01/2008

New features & fixes:

  1. Macro file can be optionally protected by a strong AES encryption.
  2. <file_encryption> - a command to AES encrypt/decrypt any file.
  3. <dir_encryption> - a command to AES encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory including all subdirectories.
  4. <extcmd> - run external command.  External command is any command line executable that takes parameters (optionally) and prints results to standard output (optionally).  The command allows customers to extend number of available macro language commands.
  5. <remote_macro_call> - a command that allows to run macro on remote machine.  (A Macro Toolworks family product needs to run on the remote machine.)  It is possible to pass parameters to the remote machine and the macro executed on the remote machine can return a result back to the caller.
  6. Build-in support for running macros from a remote computer.
  7. <www_fillform> - a command that allows to fill a web form (for example password entries) automatically.
  8. Macros started using <run> or <extmacro>  commands can take parameters and return results.
  9. New "_vMacroResult" system variable.  This variable is used to pass results back to the caller (if the macro was called using <run> command, for example).
  10. New "_vMacroParameter" system variable.  This variable is used to pass parameters to the called macro (if the macro was called using <run> command, for example).
  11. Native support for date/time arithmetic's.  It is possible to count: date/time = date/time+span or date/time = date/time - span or span = date/time-date/time.
  12. UI improvements based on user's feedback.
  13. Bugs reported by users are fixed.
  14. User interface was improved and simplified.
  15. The program is compatible with Windows Vista.
  16. FreeMacroPlayer (free to anyone) that allows to playback macros created in Macro Toolworks.
  17. Multiple triggers per macro - trigger macro multiple ways.
  18. New "auto-text" trigger.
  19. <file_zip> command allows a user to put multiple files to a single .zip archive file.
  20. <file_unzip> command allows a user to retrieve files from a .zip archive.
  21. <file_createselfextr> command allows a user to create a self extracting executable file (.exe).
  22. <display_findimage> command allows a user to quickly find a section on the computer display that looks exactly the same as an image defined.  The command allows a user to write macros that have "eyes".  The command can be used to find controls or web links and then move mouse cursor to such a position.
  23. <win_findimage> the same as <display_findimage> but the program searches only in the defined window.
  24. <ini_file_read> command reads data from .ini file.
  25. <ini_file_write> command writes data to .ini file.
  26. <for> command allows a user to write simple conditional loops.
  27. <ftp_...> commands works also with wildcards (*?).
  28. Expressions improved by _AND_ and _OR_ operands.
  29. <msg> command improved.  It takes timeout parameter (optional) that closes the message box automatically after the timeout elapses.
  30. <form_....> command extended by radio buttons.
  31. <form_show> command takes additional x, y, parameters that position the form on the computer screen.
  32. <filecopy> command significantly improved.  The command can show progress window and has new parameters: (i) number of retries if the operation fails, (ii) the command returns number of successfully copied files and the number of failures, (iii) the command logs all failures in textual report file.
  33. <dircopy> - the same improvements as <filecopy>.
  34. <filemove> - the same improvements as <filecopy>.
  35. <dirmove> - the same improvements as <filecopy>.
  36. <execappex> command takes new (optional) parameter that allows the macro execution to wait until the program started by <execappex> finishes execution.
  37. Multi-dimensional arrays are supported now.  The array looks this way: Variable[i1:i2:i3:....:iN].  For example: vMatrix[0:10].
  38. "Wait for web page loaded" - <waitfor> - command was improved and is much more reliable now.
  39. _vLastWebPageLoaded system variable added.
  40. Macro menu supports icons now.
  41. List of recently used files.
  42. Back and Forward macros navigation buttons.

Important bug fixes:

  1. The program does not crash when Vista wakes up from sleep mode.
  2. If program crashes it no longer blocks mouse and keyboard showing the well known "red window".  The "red window" will not be showing anymore.
  3. Overall stability yet improved.


Version 6.31 - 12/04/2006


  1. An =! operator functionality in <varset> command fixed.
  2. Fixed a crash problem when number of procedure parameter was different from number of parameters when the procedure was called.
  3. A <var_parse> command fix.
  4. An <e-mail> command fix.
  5. Other unspecified and minor fixes.

Version 6.30 - 02/24/2006

Changes & Fixes:

  1. Fixed a problem with a text with multiple lines in the macro description field.
  2. An incompatibility problem with Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard (as well as other advanced keyboards) solved.
  3. _vOS_UserDefaultLanguageID and _vOS_SystemDefaultLanguageID system variables to identify Windows OS language and currently user selected language added.
  4. "Run macro on program startup" macro option changed so that the macros are started also when a macro file is loaded (by File/Open menu command, for example).
  5. Other unspecified minor fixes and changes.

Version 6.25 - 10/31/2005

Changes & Fixes:

  1. Password defined in the macro group settings now protects macro group itself as well.
  2. "Multiple macros changes" feature was fixed so that password protected macros cannot be changed using this feature without knowing the password.
  3. Shared macros file change detection technique was changed so that disconnected server does not cause delays.
  4. Random number generator fixed.
  5. Enable/Disable hotkey behavior changed so that only previously enabled (from menu) tools can be turned on/off by the hotkey.
  6. Detecting and locating errors in external macros improved.
  7. Deeper recursive calls in macros enabled.
  8. Main toolbar cannot be moved/sized while docked.
  9. Cursor is correctly moved to the end of commands when inserting new command.
  10. "Find text" feature is made "case insensitive".
  11. Red box appearing is fixed so that it is showing much less.
  12. The problem that caused freezing the keyboard typing was removed.
  13. Other minor fixes and changes.

Version 6.24 - 04/22/2005

Changes & Fixes:

  1. Text shortcut keyboard trigger reliability improved.
  2. Problem with shared macros when launching .mcr file fixed.
  3. Bug in procedure calls with reference variables fixed.
  4. Added ability to pass arrays as input/output procedure parameters.
  5. Import of macros larger than 64KB enabled.
  6. Comments better optimized for speed.
  7. Fixed a problem with submenus when toolbar is disabled.
  8. <dircreate> command correctly works with paths like "\\server\....".
  9. Macros with "run at scheduled time" trigger do not start again if macro execution was interrupted by user.
  10. <filecopy> command fix.
  11. Error message shows only first a few errors.
  12. <if_file> command behavior fixed for long file names.
  13. <form_show> command (with buttons) behavior fixed.
  14. <if_num> command fixed so that it correctly handles also non-numeric entries.
  15. <begloop> and <endloop> that are embedded to other loop in external macro fix.
  16. <extmacro> behavior fixed.
  17. _vDoesVariableExist_... system variable behavior fixed for array elements.
  18. <var_oper> with "array_insert_item" parameter fixed.
  19. <var_parse> command correctly handles empty items.
  20. Other minor fixes and changes.

Version 6.23 - 02/08/2005

Changes & Fixes:

  1. <goto> command fixed (problem when the same label was used in different procedures).
  2. Fixed crashing on program exit or on a macro delete when the macro was scheduled to run each second (and the macro was not manually disabled before deleting it).
  3. Auto-save made more robust.
  4. Macro triggers are correctly initialized when a macro is imported using "Import" menu command.
  5. Each column information is displayed properly also if some columns are disabled.
  6. Procedure local variables are really local now and cannot be accessed from outside of the procedure.
  7. Never-ending recursive procedure calls are detected and program doesn't crash.
  8. <execappex> is fixed so that it can handle single quote character in the parameters field.
  9. Embedded procedure definition (which is not allowed) is detected.
  10. Breaking a loop (<begloop> - <endloop>) by a <goto> or other command doesn't make the macro to misbehave.
  11. Improved error reporting (more commands provide an error information returned by OS).
  12. Edit field in forms is not limited by 512 characters.
  13. Disabled macros are properly handled by RunMacro.exe.
  14. Flying toolbars behavior when main toolbar is disabled is fixed.
  15. Other minor changes and fixes.


Version 4.0 released in March, 2000 - Initial release.