Macro Toolworks

Increase your productivity  with this Windows automation software. 300+ commands, keyboard and mouse recorder, EXE generator, macro scheduler + many additional triggers...   



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Perfect Keyboard

Use auto text / auto complete in any Windows or Web application. Expand shortcuts to a formatted text or make them to run powerful macros to automate your daily work.



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What people say

Mark P.:

Now that I figured out the problem, your macro software is working perfectly. It's quite a long one with 183 steps and multiple switches between programs. I use it to transfer coordinates from Excel into Adobe Illustrator to plot star maps. You should know that I tried virtually every other macro program that I could find on the net, and yours was the only one that handled my task. THANKS!


Marcy C.:

I registered Pro.  Just want to take this time to mention I have been using Perfect Keyboard for so many years I can't remember when I started..... probably just after you launched it. :-)  Anyway, it is one of three programs I have running every day and would never get rid of any of them.  I'm so lost when using another machine since I use it so often.  The other two are Personal Passworder and AllMyNotes.  Sure makes my computer time easier.  So thank you very much.